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Special Education

Michael Philipps Administrator 815-577-4044
Jen Williams Department Chair 815-577-4094
Terra Mardis Secretary 815-577-5620
Mary Augustyn SPED  
Ryan Billo History  
Maggie Boctor English  
Lisa Cedro English/Health  
Ann Solomacha English  
Abby Fasullo Algebra  
Kathryn Fielden Algebra  
Jesse Glim Government/Econ  
Karen Griffin Algebra  
Rachel Kearley English  
Bonnie Keske Bio/Geometry  
Nicki Kolinski English  
Brian Manering Math  
Kimberly Molzhan Chemistry  
Aga Pawlowska Geometry  
Jen Perez English  
Darby Brtva Science  
Susan Reeves English  
Kris Resendez Reading  
Christina Sosa Algebra  
Beth Svoboda Physics  
Erin Tillman SPED  
Anastasia Allen Advantage  
Emily Durham SCORE  
Darlene Kisiel SCORE  
Krysten Rausa SCORE  
Lisa Scanlan SCORE  

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