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Social Studies

The Plainfield South High School Social Studies Department believes in the importance of developing thoughtful and active participants for a democratic society.   Knowledgeable, critical, and open-minded citizens develop through the study of Social Studies and Sciences.


Engaged Citizens Inquire and Question and Determine and Decipher:

        -the world around us and beyond us (its borders, its history, its growth, and its future)

          -our government (its foundations, its transformations and evolutions, its structures, and its applications)

          -ourselves, our society, our beliefs (internally and externally)

           -the economy (its impact on us, the world, and our futures) 


Be Active, Informed Citizens of the World



Stephanie Stashak Department Chair
Keith Anderson US History
Kyle Black Psychology/econ
Derek Christensen Geography
Ronnie Faraj Geography/Gov.
Natalie Fisher US History/AP Psychology
Keegan Graebner US History/Geography
Lauren Lauritzen US History/AP Human Geo.
Blake Mattix Government/Street Law
Bob Miller US History/AP US History
Thomas Redmon Economics
Brady Renner Government/AP Gov.
Mike Shubert Economics/AP Econ
Kyle Vestal US History
Tim Wulf Sociology/US History

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