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Social Studies and Sciences Department (Humanities)

The Plainfield South High School Social Studies Department believes in the importance of developing thoughtful and active participants for a democratic society.   Knowledgeable, critical, and open-minded citizens develop through the study of Social Studies and Sciences.


Engaged Citizens Inquire and Question and Determine and Decipher:

        -the world around us and beyond us (its borders, its history, its growth, and its future)

          -our government (its foundations, its transformations and evolutions, its structures, and its applications)

          -ourselves, our society, our beliefs (internally and externally)

           -the economy (its impact on us, the world, and our futures) 


Be Active, Informed Citizens of the World


Social Studies and Sciences Staff

Keith Anderson                                      Blake Mattix                                              Tim Wulf         

                                        Kyle Black                                              Bob Miller                                                  

Derek Christensen                                  Brady Renner

                                        Lee Dvorak                                                                         Mike Shubert

Natalie Fisher                                                                                Dan Shuman

                                        Ronnie Faraj                                                                       Tim Tokars

Lauren Lauritzen                                                                 Kyle Vestal


Stephanie Stashak, Division Chair

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