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Attendance, Discipline, Building & Operations

Procedure for Reporting Student Absence
If a student is absent from or late to school, the parents or guardian, not the student, must telephone or email the Attendance Office.

Call    815.439.5533

           815.439.5555 (en espanol)


Please provide your student's Student Name, ID number, Reason for Absence and a parent contact number.

  • Reporting a student’s early dismissal must be done in a timely manner so that your student will be available at the requested time.
  • In order for the absence to be coded properly, a reason must be stated.
  • At times students become ill during the evening. When parents or guardians are certain that the student will be unable to attend school the following day, they may contact or email the attendance office anytime during the evening or early morning hours.



Appointments for the following places must have documentation from the facility to be considered an excused absence:

  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Orthodontist
  • College Visitation
  • Court


Arriving Late to School

Arriving to school on time at PSHS sets the tone for a successful day and academic future of every student.  Please understand that weather, oversleeping, car trouble, are some examples of unexcused absences.  Please allow extra time to get to school and through the parking lot due to heavy traffic and weather issues.  Arriving to school late will be dealt with as students enter the building.  A student that arrives to school after 7:05AM is considered late to school.  Students will receive three warnings per semester.  Progressive consequences from the deans’ office will be issued after three parentally excused late to school phone calls. Further, any late to school absence will be consider unexcused after the three warnings.


Drop off information

In order to ensure a proper learning environment, we ask that you limit drop offs for your student.  We will not send  passes to students to notify them of a drop off.  You must notify your student and have him/her come to the attendance office to pick it up during passing period or lunch.  Athletic items can be taken down to the Athletic Office after the parent has properly checked in.

Please work with your student to be prepared for school to help curtail the need for drop offs.  Thank you.


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