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Library Media Center Procedures and Expectations

Books have a loan period of three (3) weeks, with 3 renewals allowed. There are no fines for overdue books, but a book that is 25 days (5 weeks) overdue will be marked lost, and students will be responsible for the cost of the book unless it is returned by the end of the semester. Students may have 5 books checked out at any one time but may not check out books if they still have overdue books outstanding. To avoid replacement fees, please return all materials in the condition in which they are checked out. Overdue notices will be communicated through school email.

Media Center Hours 
Monday-Thursday: 6:30-3:00 p.m. 
Friday:  6:30-2:30 p.m.

Library computers house various online databases and our automated card catalog for student and faculty use.  Our webpage can be used as an excellent link to specific web pages and educational sites. The computers may also be used for Internet searching and for printing.

Study Hall 
Students may use the library media center during study hall and lunch periods for quiet study, project collaboration, and research. To take advantage of library study hall, use the appropriate form to sign-up for library space before your study hall or lunch period. For attendance purposes, you will need to check in with library staff when you arrive in the library. You must be in the library before the tardy bell rings.

You may also get a pass to the library from your study hall teacher or during other class time for specific reasons such as printing, computer help, or book checkout.

By coming to library study hall, you agree to follow the rules of the Library Media Center. Failure to follow sign-in and library rules may result in loss of privileges.

Library Media Center Student Expectations

  1. Leave everything better than you found it. 
  2. Quiet talking is permitted. 
  3. Treat books, equipment and one another with respect.
  4. Classroom behavior expectations as stated in the student handbook will be enforced in the media center. 

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