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English and ELL Departments

Humanities Division:  English and Multilingual Learners Departments

The English and ELL Departments believe...

...that all students will achieve their goals with diligent effort and support.

...that literature inspires and reflects the beliefs, desires, and climate of its society.

...that each student can communicate in a variety of methods and purposes.

...that we study the rhetoric of the past and present in order to construct our futures.

...that all learners glean knowledge in different ways.

…that all learners need to be information specialists.

...that all learners need to be challenged and need to challenge the world around them.



Anastasia Allen              Freshmen & Senior English                     Jessica Bernacki                  Sophomore & Junior English         

Grace Bogdan                  Senior English                                            Amy Brown                          Freshmen & Junior English

Caroline Butler                 Journalism & Junior English                Jennifer Chesna                   Sophomore English

Hannah Christie               Freshmen & Sophomore English         Heather-Dawn Edwards    Junior & Senior English

Shanna Gardner                Junior & Senior English                       Jeff Jarot                      Freshmen & Senior English & Creative Writing

Susan Kamrowski             Sophomore & Senior English               Kaitlin Mahoney                Freshmen & Junior English 

John Miller                          Senior English                                        Danielle Salvatore           Freshmen & Sophomore English

Taryn Surbaugh Blazek   Freshmen & Junior English                 Tara Smith                      Freshmen & Sophomore English

Stephanie Stashak           Freshmen English                                    Bryant Williams           Sophomore & Junior English






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