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Classroom Phase

The classroom phase of Driver Education at Plainfield South is the corner stone of the program.  This phase runs concurrently throughout the semester with behind the wheel.  It is designed to give students basic information on a variety of topics related to the safe operation of a motor vehicle and more importantly how to react with people on the road.

Driving is more than just maneuvering a car through traffic.  A driver has to learn to interact with other users on the road and make intelligent decisions.  This process takes training over an extended period of time under the supervision of both instructors and parents.


Units of Instruction

Unit I   Highway Transportation System and Rules of the Road
Unit II   The IPDE Process  (Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute)
Unit III  Natural Laws and Vehicle Performance
Unit IV  Intersections and Decision Making
Unit V   Insurance
Unit VI  Motorcycles and Unique Environments
Unit VII  Alcohol and Other Drugs
Unit VIII  Preventive Maintenance

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