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Twelve D. 202 students win new AP Summer Institute Scholarship

Twelve District 202 graduates have each received a $2,000 Advanced Placement Summer Institute Financial Bridge Student Scholarship.

The recipients were chosen from among 73 applicants for this new scholarship based on their academic success, school and community involvement and financial need.

District 202 has served as an AP Summer Institute training site since 2008. Thousands of teachers from around the world have come to District 202 to learn how to teach AP courses from AP-certified instructors.

AP courses are college-level classes for which students can earn college credit while in high school.

“We sincerely congratulate these students on all their accomplishments so far, both in and out of the classroom, and hope that this scholarship helps them reach their goals in the next chapter of their lives,” said Dr. Dan McDonnell, District 202 director of high school curriculum and instruction.

McDonnell oversees the District 202 AP Summer Institute program along with Dr. Craig Brown, director for high school administration and personnel, and Curriculum and Instruction department Administrative Assistant Chris McCluskey.

The winners of the inaugural AP Summer Institute Financial Bridge Student Scholarship are:

  • Tommy Brooks (Plainfield North High School)
  • Shauna Mapleton (Plainfield East High School)
  • Deandria McClain (Plainfield East High School)
  • Michael Montas (Plainfield East High School)
  • Kasey Nguyen (Plainfield East High School)
  • Madeline O’Brien (Plainfield High School – Central Campus)
  • Jasmin Ortiz (Plainfield South High School)
  • Chloe Plummer (Plainfield East High School)
  • Juybe Rojas (Plainfield East High School)
  • Nevin Smith (Plainfield High School – Central Campus)
  • Azaria Van Hook (Plainfield East High School)
  • Jacklyn Wren (Plainfield High School – Central Campus)




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