Resources & Support

Resources & Support

Vocabulary - Vocabulary lists can be found here for German 1 and German 2.  For example, you can sort by "PD1" (German 1) "K01" (chapter 1) and know which list to practice. - Online exercises from the textbook publisher for German 1. - Online exercises from the textbook publisher for German 2.



Online dictionaries and translators can be useful when doing certain homework assignments.  You should always look up an individual word and not try to translate an entire sentence at a time.  We will spend time in class discussing appropriate ways to use them.  You are learning a foreign language in a classroom setting.  I want to see what you know, not what the internet knows. :)  Below are two dictionary apps that I recommend for use on your own time. - LEO is an online dictionary created by the Technical University Munich.  It is an excellent resource for looking up words.  It is also available as a mobile app. - is an online dictionary and mobile app.  One useful feature is that it is available on your phone offline.


Useful Links

DW - Audiotrainer - this is a 100 episode podcast on basic to intermediate grammar and vocabulary.

SlowGerman - this is an intermediate podcast on various topics in simple language

Learn German with Jenny - this is an intermediate / advanced podcast on grammar topics