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German Club & Honor Society

German Club & Honor Society

The German Club meets roughly every other Thursday, after school in room 322.  Some info meetings are 30 minutes, most are an hour, and the multi-club parties are an hour and a half.  Membership in German Club is open to anyone at any time.  There are no minimal attendance requirements; come when you can!  Please see Herr Harring for specific meeting details.

German Club events include:

  • Christkindlmarkt field trip in December
  • German Restaurant field trip in May (based on interest)
  • German food!
  • Movie nights
  • Game nights
  • Oktoberfest party (we invite French & Spanish Clubs)
  • Karneval party (hosted by French Club)
  • Cinco de Mayo party (hosted by Spanish Club)
  • Scavenger Hunt


The German Honor Society is open to students after completing their fifth semester of language study.  Students, who have maintained an A average in their language classes and a B average overall, will be invited to join in the early spring.  Students, who maintain those averages through graduation will receive a special tassel at Graduation.