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Jeff Jarot Home Page

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Jeff Jarot Home Page

Jeff Jarot holds a BA in English from Illinois Wesleyan University, a BA in English Education and MA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from Illinois State University, and an MA in English with an emphasis in Literature and Film from Northern Illinois University.  His short story “Home Movies” appeared in Festival Writer.  In addition, Jarot’s scholarship and fiction has been featured in Normal 2014: Selected Works from The First Annual DFW Conference, as well as Normal 2015: Selected Works from The Second Annual DFW Conference and Normal 2016: Selected Works from The Third Annual DFW Conference .  His novella Zuzu’s Petals was published in February 2016 by Lit Fest Press.  This is his 24th year in Disctrict #202, and he has been teaching at PSHS since its opening in 2001.


Mr. Jeff Jarot

Room 410