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English 1

** During our days out of school, I strongly encourage students to read a book for pleasure (or, ideally, multiple books) and keep a response / general writing journal.  In the "Documents" section to the bottom left, I have provided a link to a PDF entitled "Ideas for Responding to Literature" that offers ideas for writing responses.  

In addition, our time away from each other can also serve as an ideal opportunity to reflect in writing on these "strange days" that we are all experiencing.  I highly encourage you to capture in writing what you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing during these incredibly unique times.  What you write now will serve as a fascinating personal document that you can look back on with both fascination and pride in the future.

I guarantee that these activities and practices will generate time for thought, reflection, and yes, solace, in these days ahead.  As always, take care, stay well, and I hope to see you soon!

- Mr. J.