3rd US History

3rd US History


PSHS – United States History | Semester 1

First Days Back – Course Description & Syllabus


Mr. Billo | rbillo@psd202.org | Office-124



This course is a survey of U.S. History, beginning in the late nineteenth century. It investigates the study of presidential administrations, significant movements, and other major events with a focus on the social, economic, and political aspects of America’s past. Students are expected to think critically in order to participate in classroom discussions and produce written analysis of primary and secondary source documents.


  1. American Imperialism
  2. The Progressive Era
  3. U.S. Involvement in World War I
  4. The Changing 20s
  5. The Great Depression
  6. U.S. Involvement in World War II




  • planner (paper or electronic)
  • writing utensil
  • notebook/ section for this course
  • folder for this course
  • textbook (class set; online access provided)
  • eyes and ears



PSD 202 & PSHS policies are to be respectfully observed. In addition, students are encouraged and expected to build a reality that reflects their class period’s Shared Vision of the classroom. Students will otherwise give their respect and attention to Mr. Billo, when appropriate.



Students are encouraged to resubmit every assignment and correct every exam for which they wish to increase their score. The gradebook will reflect the student’s highest earned score for that assignment or assessment.

Test corrections can be completed

  • using the textbook, notes, or any other classroom resource
  • for any of the following summative assessments: multiple-choice, constructed-response, performance-based
  • until the end of the day preceding the next summative assessment
  • for a maximum of ½ credit for each item or portion corrected
  • on a separate sheet of paper, and must
    • explain why the provided response is incorrect
    • explain the correct response or an appropriate response
    • use evidence to support why the new response is accurate or is appropriate
  • before or after school, in Rm 124, according to Mr. Billo’s availability



Each lesson of this course will include a variety of learning activities. Coursework will include audio-visual presentation, cooperative learning, discussions and debates, lecture, reading and writing tasks, and other activities. Moreover, there will be periodic summative assessment. Students will be scored based on cumulative points earned in each weighted category, as listed in the course score breakdown, below.

Grading Scale

A (100 - 90%); B (89 – 80%); C (79 – 70%); D (69 – 60%); F (59 - 0%)