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Student Services

Student Services

Course requests for the 2020-2021 school year

Counselors will begin to meeting with students starting January 13, 2020.    Students will be placed into core courses based on teacher recommendations.  Counselors will meet individually with students in selecting electives.  February 28, 2020 is the deadline for course request changes.  2020 - 2021 Curriculum Guide

Grade 9 Presentation

Grade 10 Presentation

Grade 11 Presentation

SUMMER SCHOOL APPLICATION FORM - registration starts January 6th.



Motivate Me - 1 day workshop for students in grades 9-11.  & Camp College - summer program for students entering their senior year. July 7 - July 10.

Joliet Junior College - Open House March 21, 2020

For those who are interersted in Cosmetology or Barbering....  Professional Choice Open House and Champions Open House.

Parenting Teens - program for parents and others who want better communication with teenagers.  Come talk about problems and get some answers.  Meetings start on February 4th between 6PM - 7:15PM at Plainfield CENTRAL High School.  Meetings will continue every Tuesday through March 24th.  Register by contacting Josh Bloodgood at 815-436-3200 ext. 7136.

College Bound Students with Disabilities, What to expect and how to be prepared.  - JJC's Presentation.

District 202 Math Courses.  Look to see what opportunities our students have in Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit.  Aleks scores, prerequisites, and placement.

Horizon Grant Application is now available.  This grant may help offset or pay for summer time enrichment programs including college coursework and/or learning experiences/activities.  Deadline is April 24, 2020

Joliet Junior College applicants may start applying for scholarships on February 1st.  Go to  There are many scholarships and opportunities.  The JJC Foundation Scholarship for Outstanding Graduates of District High Schools deadline is April 1st and will need the following counselor form signed.  This special scholarship covers tuition and fees, up to $3200 for the academic year.  Students must meet G.P.A. and SAT/ACT test score criteria.

FREE SAT Test Prep with CollgeBoard and Khan Academy.  Link your Khan Academy and College Board Accounts.

JJC SAT/ACT/Test Prep & How to test with Anxiety.  Spring dates now available.

Clubs and Activities at PSHS

US Selective Serivces

Worker Permits - Look here for criteria:  Students may get a permit from the Main School office.