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Social Studies

Social Studies

Humanities Division

The Plainfield South High School Social Studies Department believes in the importance of developing thoughtful and active participants for a democratic society.  One way for a student to develop into this knowledgeable, critical and open-minded citizen is through the study of Social Studies. 

This belief serves as the foundation of our department as we strive to achieve the following goals:

  1. To give students a broad understanding of the development of our institutions and social environment so that they may better adjust to rapidly changing conditions.
  2. To prepare students for their opportunities and responsibilities in society by fostering an appreciation of contemporary problems through discussion of current issues and their  historical background.
  3. To develop skills in obtaining information pertinent to social issues, in organizing materials, and in communicating ideas.
  4.  To foster attitudes of critical and impartial judgement, tolerance, and open-mindedness.