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Lab & Laptop Scheduling (Teacher Use Only)

Lab & Laptop Scheduling (Teacher Use Only)

Tips for Lab Scheduling

  1. Teachers and staff are responsible for scheduling their own labs and laptop carts. Use the link below or the tab on the side and follow the directions at PEDesigns. For additional directions with scheduling, please use the handout available in the Tech Tips section of the Library Media Center webpage. 
  2. Labs are available for 2 consecutive days only. If your students will need more than 2 days for an assignment, schedule laptop carts for subsequent days or break up the assignment into smaller parts.
  3. Please be a good fellow human and try to schedule no more than 6 weeks in advance. 
  4. When making a reservation, please include a brief description of the assignment in the Notes section.
  5. Please note that different labs and carts have different available technology. For example, Lab 130 has 33 computers, while Cart 10 has 30 laptops and Lab 229 does not have printers available for student use. Please select the resource that matches your technology needs.
  6. Please select only the periods you will be using the laptop carts, rather than the whole day, to maximize resources for all staff.
  7. When booking available class periods for a cart that another teacher is already using during the day, please coordinate transfer details with that teacher. 
  8. Laptop carts will only be released to TEACHERS for reservations that are already officially scheduled. For security reasons, students may not pick up from nor return laptop carts to the Media Center.
  9. Laptop carts MUST be returned by 2:30 at the end of every day, regardless of whether they are scheduled again for the next day. 
  10. Due to software constraints, teachers will not be able to cancel reservations, so please plan carefully. If you need to cancel a reservation, please contact Media Center staff for assistance.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. No food or drink in labs or around laptops. Failure to enforce this (super simple) rule will result in severe side-eye and sharply worded e-mails and may even lead to a loss of access to computer resources. 


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