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Lab & Laptop Scheduling (Teacher Use Only)

Lab & Laptop Scheduling (Teacher Use Only)

2019-2020 Lab/Laptop Checkout Policies

1. Follow instructions for scheduling labs and laptop carts listed on the reservation screen of the scheduling program. 

2. Online sign-ups will be allowed 4 weeks in advance of the current date.

3. Avoid using computers (of any kind) for more than three consecutive days.

  • A reservation that runs Friday, Monday and Tuesday constitutes 3 days.
  • If more time is needed, please make the request through your Division Chair.

4. Please record any issues with computers, using the Google Form linked below:

5. Online computer sign up will be available 8/12; the first day of students in labs/with laptops will be 8/15/19.

6. Substitute teachers are not permitted to take students to labs or use laptop carts. Please make alternate arrangements or lesson plans if you will be absent.

7. Carts must be routed properly and punctually from class to class and supervised at all times.

8. Carts must be returned to the library by 2:30 on the day of use.

9. Teachers are responsible for the computers they check-out for their students.

10. Until the e-mail confirmation feature is fixed on the scheduler, please fill out this Google Form to make a back-up of your reservation.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. No food or drink in labs or around laptops. 



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